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Albany Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

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Albany, WA


Water Corporation

Time Frame:

November 2019 – January 2020

Project Overview:

Design, supply and installation of double HDPE Liner System in existing Waste Water Treatment Plant with Geonet with Conductive cushion Geotextile between liners. Double liner system was required, complete with a drainage medium and drainage pumps.

HDPE Liner was sealed to concrete structures and pipe penetrations. Our liner system successfully passed the Electrical Leak Location Testing with Arc test method and independent Hydrostatic Leak Test carried out by the Client.

Additional information:

MLS designed proprietary battening system using hydrophilic sealant in a recess groove for the entirety of the battening.

Battening of double liner system to various concrete structures with odd shapes. Multiple change of plane perimeter battening system under full hydrostatics head pressure.

Correct installation of Geocomposite Drainage with Geotextile for continuous conductive layer for arc testing of the liner.


Albany Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade