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Successful Year

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Merit Lining Systems is proud to announce that despite significant ongoing challenges relating to COVID and other world events, our team has continued uninterrupted, to deliver successful outcomes for our clients throughout the FY 2021-2022.

Our deeply ingrained corporate policy of working with stakeholders, not against them, to overcome the many challenges that asset owners and major contractors face in this economic environment, enables the delivery of projects of the highest quality, doing it right, the first time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team for always being ready to help, and for going the extra mile, while maintaining a professional and engineered approach to construction in an ever increasingly chaotic world.

These outcomes could never be achieved without our craft team, and trade partners, who know and trust that we as a business, value our people, our partners and collaboration with all parties, above all else.

With a significant pipeline of keystone projects already awarded, the Merit Lining Systems team stands ready for the challenges this next year will bring.

Thank you to all of our valued clients, for putting your trust in us! We look forward to continuing to work towards a successful and sustainable future.


Successful Year