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About Merit Lining Systems

Merit Linings Systems is a privately owned and operated Australian company, established in 1990 specialising in geomembrane and geosynthetic lining systems.

For over 25 years we have built a solid reputation for supplying and installing long-lasting pond and dam liners, heap and dump leach pads, landfill lining systems, tank, reservoir and channel / canal liners, floating covers, secondary containment liners and barriers.

Our focus on high performance in safety, quality and technical understanding has rewarded us with a steady stream on new contracts and continual repeat work from existing customers.

As Australia’s most trusted geomembrane and geosynthetic lining system specialists, we are ready to bring our experience and credibility to your next project.

Get To Know Our Team

From two major offices in Perth and Brisbane, our team are some of the most experienced in the industry.

We specialise in technical challenges of all sizes and work with a diverse range of clients from a broad range of industries both nationally and internationally.

Stephen Hollier - Merit Linings Chairman


B.Eng (Hons), MBA

Stephen is a Professional Civil Engineer. Graduating from the University of Western Australia in 1978 with a B Eng (Hons) he worked in South Africa, Holland and Indonesia on a variety of concrete and civil heavy engineering projects.

Upon his return to Australia after a stint building water and sewerage treatments plants in NSW Stephen returned to Perth to complete an MBA. A strong desire to work for himself saw him start Merit Group in 1988 with Peter Panek, a close friend from undergraduate days. Merit Lining Systems was formed in 1990 and has remained Stephen’s main focus ever since.

While the geosynthetics industry has evolved and matured over time Stephen has kept the company always focused on the key principles of high quality, safety and integrity performance, while maintaining strong and lasting relationships with customers and suppliers.

Stephen takes pride in the success of Merit Lining Systems as reflected by the large number of repeat customers and the employment longevity of key staff.

robert ronzan

MIEAust CPEng NER APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus) RPEQ

Rob is a Chartered Professional Engineer with significant international experience in large infrastructure projects having worked on Railways, Gas and Coal fired power Stations throughout Asia and Australia.

He has over 35 years experience in civil engineering and for the last 20 years he has dedicated himself to the Geosynthetics Industry keeping up to date with the latest materials, designs and research applying his knowledge to develop the capabilities of Merit Lining Systems.

Roberto Ronzan - Merit Linings Managing Director
Alicja Borysewicz Slabik - Merit Linings Business Development

Alicja Borysewicz Slabik

Master Sc.Eng (Civil)

Alicja Borysewicz is a Professional Engineer graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland with Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering.

Alicja has been with Merit Lining Systems since she moved to Australia in 2013 and has experience working on various construction sites throughout Australia and has gained valuable field experience which is a knowledge-based asset for quoting projects.

Alicja is your first point of contact when seeking information about liner, pricing and quality assurance of the Geosynthetic materials and various lining systems.

William Acton

B. Eng. (Mech.)

William Acton is a strongly motivated Professional Engineer with extensive experience on construction projects across a number of industries around Australia.

Having graduated from the University of Queensland in 2012 with B.Eng (Mech), he has been involved in, and has been a driving force behind projects spanning the Oil and Gas, Waste and Water, Containment and Mining Industries.

With roots set in the Beef Industry of Central Queensland, William exhibits a practical approach to getting the job done and has a strong focus on lasting client relationships.

William Acton - Merit Linings - Director of Operations
Craig Jennings - Meret Linings

craig jennings

B.Bus. C.A.

Craig is a Chartered Accountant who started his career as a graduate in public practice for a top tier international accounting firm where he worked for listed companies, Trusts, SMSF’s, SME’s and high net worth individuals.

He left public practice for commerce in 2008 and joined Merit Lining Systems and has lead the finance team since.

Through careful financial management, Craig ensures that the company maintains great financial relationships with suppliers and gives clients the confidence to partner with a financially stable contractor in the construction industry

Alexander Haas

B.Eng (Process), MIEAust

Alex is a diligent and thorough Professional Engineer who joined Merit Lining Systems in 2019 following his graduation from The Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering (Process).

Since joining Merit, Alex has gained extensive experience working across diverse sectors such as Mining, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Waste and Containment.

As a primary contact at the project level, Alex demonstrates an unwavering commitment to achieving safety, accuracy, and timely completion of tasks and Projects

Alexander Haas - Merit Linings - Project Engineer
Joshua Tonkin - Merit Linings - Site Engineer

Joshua Tonkin

B.EnvMan (Hons)

Josh Tonkin is a determined Site Engineer who began to work with Merit Lining Systems immediately after graduating from The University of Queensland with B.EnvMan (Hons).

Since joining Merit Lining Systems, Josh has successfully completed and facilitated projects in the Oil and Gas, Waste, Mining, and Water industries. Josh’s background in Environmental Management ensures that every job is completed to the highest standard, ensuring environmental safety and sustainability across every stage of the project

A Glimpse Back in Time

Using natural compacted clay was the original lining system for waterproofing and is still in widespread use.

By the 1980’s the technology for making wide thin flexible plastic liners out of PVC and HDPE had evolved to the point that using an artificial liner – technically known as a geomembrane – was cost effective against compacted clay.

Initially PVC was the main geomembrane used but by the end of the 1980’s the cheaper cost and long term life of HDPE saw it take over.

The early jobs were mainly carried out in 1.0mm thick liner and even thinner. While today thicker liners are used and recommended it is remarkable how well the thin liners in these early projects have performed over time and many are still in service.

Merit Lining’s Certification

IAGI Certificate Merit Lining Systems
ASTM Certificate - Merit Lining Systems

Merit Lining's Partners

We have partnered with a selection of reputable companies to ensure our clients receive only the best quality products & service.

Since our inception in 1990, Merit Linings have completed over 3,000 projects with 36 million m² of product successfully installed.