Merit Lining Services

Merit Lining Systems offers a suite of professional design and construction services delivering outcomes of the highest quality, through superior stakeholder engagement and attention to detail, with a focus on legislative obligations, industry best practice and recognised international standards and practices.

Design and Engineering Support Services

MLS offers turn-key project consultation services. These services include but are not limited to technical specification and design reviews, constructability reviews, construction risk assessments, geosynthetics design, material selection and suitability assessments and CAD drafting services with a focus on practical and constructable detailed design.

Quantity surveyance for optimisation of procurement activities for long-lead, high value materials and cost engineering is a strong focus of MLS, delivering a reduced risk profile in an increasingly challenged logistics chain.

Supply and Installation Services

As one of the original Specialist Geosynthetics Contractors in the Australian market, Merit Lining Systems provides industry leading procurement services to project stakeholders, leveraging our strong commercial and technical relationships with world leading Geosynthetic manufacturers with a focus on technical excellence and detailed management of the Logistics Chain.

Procurement, confirmatory construction quality assurance (CQA) testing and short to long term storage services are available on a project-to-project basis.

Merit Lining Systems is an IAGI approved Installation Contractor (AIC) and can offer IAGI Certified Welding Technicians for projects in an increasingly Quality focused world. Our installation services include but are not limited to Geosynthetics such as Geosynthetic Clay Liners, Geomembranes, Geotextiles, Geonets, Geocomposite, Bituminous Geomembranes, Cementitious Composite Mats, Geogrids and Geocells.

Merit Lining Systems has a focus on delivering complex, detailed containment and rehabilitation projects across many industries, spanning the mining, oil and gas, waste, municipal water, wastewater, agricultural and the emerging renewables sectors.

Construction Management

As a supplier and installer of geosynthetic materials, with over 30 years in-house experience managing both metropolitan and remote constructions projects, MLS has the capability to perform construction services as a Principal Contractor.

The benefit of engaging with a geosynthetics specialist with technical expertise and industry knowledge, alongside the ability to internally manage additional scope through sound Contractor Management processes, delivers value to clients who require a solutions provider, from design to construction and commissioning where a project predominately involves geosynthetics.

Quality Testing, Inspection, Certification and Maintenance

Merit Lining Systems offers a portfolio of services to assess the integrity of geosynthetics both during the construction and for assessments of integrity after the geosynthetics have been in active service.

These services range from visual inspection and repair of existing installations, as well as Electronic Liner Integrity Testing (ASTM D7953 Arc Testing Method and ASTM D7240 Electrical Capacitance Technique), overnight hydro balance testing, Geomembrane Chemical Resistance (Immersion Testing) and the complete suite of mechanical and durability material properties. We provide longevity assessments of geomembrane working in collaboration with our established trade partners and laboratories (NATA registered).

Maintenance and repair of existing installations is a crucial component in ensuring longevity of any asset, and we offer maintenance and cleaning services on existing installations to assist in extending the life of the asset. Merit Lining Systems has the internal capability to certify geosynthetic systems on behalf of asset owners to fulfill obligations to Australian Federal, State and Local Government standards and regulations.

Merit Lining Systems offers a full range of design and construction services to complete your project to the highest international quality standards.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or other requests.