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Design Projects

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Various locations in WA and QLD.


Various clients throughout Australia.


HDPE Liner, Geocomposite

Project Overview:

Our Charted Engineers provide technical services for the design of geosynthetic systems across a wide number of applications including but not limited to evaporation ponds, turkey nests, water reservoirs, secondary containment bunds for primary tanks systems, pumped hydro water storage facilities, waste water treatment plants.

Detailed design of geosynthetics applications such as floating covers, baffle curtains, and permanent ballasting are also on offer.

Additional information:

As a part of the design services on offer, our Registered Engineers assess application, geometry, site conditions (wind etc.) and service parameters (liquor chemical composition, service temperature etc) to estimate expected longevity of the containment system, and provide a complete and comprehensive design, seeking the optimal solution using a cost engineered approach.


Design Projects