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Merit Lining Materials

Merit Lining Systems uses a range of materials which follow stringent testing procedures to ensure that all of our products are of the highest standard.

We can supply different materials for different purposes. Ranging from more cost effective materials for personal projects or short term applications to more durable materials for long term applications or specialised projects.

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The most widely used geomembrane in the world. Excellent longevity, UV resistance and chemical resistance.

HDPE is also the cheapest (per mm thickness) industrial geomembrane commercially available, therefore it should also be the first geomembrane material considered and only not used on the basis of sound technical considerations.

In practice, HDPE will be the most suitable geomembrane to be used in the majority of applications.

HDPE liners can be supplied as smooth, single sided textured and double sided textured and in white/black as well as standard black.

The lower density gives improved flexibility and elongation characteristics as a trade-off against slightly poorer UV and chemical resistance performance compound to HDPE.

LLDPE can be used for prefabricated liners that can be made and folded in our factory and then sent to site for client installation.

LLDPE is suitable for floating covers and landfill caps where greater flexibility is required.

LLDPE similar to HDPE, can be supplied as smooth, single sided textured and double sided textured and in white/black as well as standard black.

Geotextiles are industrial fabrics that can be used both below and above geomembranes for protection from damage.

While the geotextiles aren’t always needed they assist greatly in areas where good fill materials are not readily available.

GCL’s are made by sandwiching bentonite clay between two layers of geotextile. Installed properly they are an alternative to a layer of natural clay.

GCL’s are not suitable for use as a primary liner.

Their purpose is to replace natural clay in composite (clay & HDPE) lining systems.

Such composite systems are commonly used in landfills and other environmentally sensitive applications.

Geocomposite drains consist of a high compression strength polymer core mesh and which is bonded or wrapped with Geotextile on one or two sides. The polymer core‘s role is drainage while Geotextile functions as the filter/separation layer.

Geonets or Geocomposite can be used as leak detection or gas collection systems, landfill leachate collection or erosion control.

BGM (Bituminous Geomembrane) is a heavy-duty reinforced geomembrane that is suitable for installation in harsh environmental conditions (rough subgrades, rocks directly on the geomembrane, temperature extremes and windy installation conditions).

BGM has been produced for over 30 years and is used in mining, civil engineering and environmental protection projects around the world.

Typical applications for BGM include tailings dams, heap leach pads, dams, water canals, brine ponds, landfill and contaminated land capping, basement water proofing, gas barriers and bridge deck waterproofing. Feel free to contact us for more details and installed prices of the various BGM grades.

Polyolefin Alloy Liner like EnviroLiner are geomembranes manufactured with special prime grade resins that are stabilized with advanced UV stabilizers and antioxidant additives. This provides the geomembrane with superior physical, mechanical, and endurance properties. They are more flexible and stronger than HDPE Liner.

The hydrocarbon resistance of Enviro Liner is very good that is why this product is suitable for different oilfield applications where oil resistance is important.

GCCM Liner like Concrete Canvas is a concrete on a roll. It is a flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable, water proof and fire resistant concrete layer. This material technology allows to use concrete on slope, in water and in other locations where usage of concrete is not possible or cost inefficient.

GCCM can be used as an erosion/weather protection in tank bunds or channel lining.

Reinforced Flexible Liner like XR-5 is compatible with harsh liquids and has many advantages over HDPE or CSPE liner like thermal contraction and UV/Chemical resistance. Its reinforced, multi-layered design provides maximum strength-to-weight ratios and flexibility for ease of handling.

XR-5 has been developed to contain and protect against acids, oils, methane, and alkalis. Therefore, it is a good choice for tanks, secondary containment, or oil booms.

CSPE Liner known as Hypalon too, are high-performance geomembrane designed for long-term municipal water storage applications like floating covers and lining systems. They are highly UV stabilized and have one of the best weathering warranties available.

PVC liners were the first geomembranes available and were in widespread use until the advent of HDPE liners.

Some limited uses still occur including decorative lakes and applications requiring excellent elongation.

Please contact us to discuss the best materials for your project.