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Cosmos Mine Water Management Ponds

Location Odysseus Project, Cosmos Mine, Western Australia. Time Frame August - December 2018. Client Western Areas. Project Overview Merit Lining Systems installed 160,000m2 of 1.5mm HDPE Liner and 160,00m2 of…


Gold Coast Landfill (October 2018)

Application Construction and Demolition Waste Landfill Materials Geosynthetic Clay Liner, HDPE, Protection Geotextile, Filter Geotextile, Piping. Total Area 100,000m2 (Cell1a, Cell1b) Client BMI Group Challenges Budgetary Constraints, Evolving Design, Staged…

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FMG Cloudbreak Water Transfer (June 2018)

Application Water Transfer and Settlement Ponds Materials 1.5mm HDPE, Geotextile, Ballast, Access Egress, Level Indicators. Total Area 60,000m2 Client CAPE Utilities Challenges Contractor Interactions, High Temperature Welding, High Winds. Gallery…

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New Chum Landfill (2014-2018)

Application Construction and Demolition Waste Landfill Materials Geosynthetic Clay Liner (non-trafficable), HDPE, Protection Geotextile, Filter Geotextile. Total Area 400,000m2 (Cell 2a,3b,3a,4a,4b,5a,5b)4 Layers Client Cleanaway, formerly Transpacific. Challenges Stormwater Mitigation, Challenging…

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Melbourne Regional Landfill (2016-2018)

Application Putrescible Landfill Materials GCL, 1.5mm HDPE, 1.5mm LLDPE, Geotextile Total Area 140,000m2 4 Layers (Cells 3A, 3B, Client Ertech, Shamrock Civil Challenges Geometry, Non-Trafficable Subgrade, Frequent Rainfall, Stormwater Mitigation,…

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